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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1269

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1269-Charmine’s ruby lips curled into a smirk.

Was Faye so unrelenting that she riled on like this?

“What’s wrong?” asked Frank.

“Nothing,” said Charmine. “You’re not feeling well, Frank, so I’ll practice on my own today.” “No need. It’s not a big deal,” insisted Frank gently. “You’re running out of time, so do make the most out of your time here.” Charmine looked at his gentle face and felt her heart aching with pity.

She reached out her hand heavily to help him walk inside. “I’ll help treat you with needles. Let’s see if that will ease the pain.”

Frank fell silent for a few seconds and nodded. “Okay.”

Helping him to lie in bed, Charmine took out the needles and said, “I need to prick around the eyes. Tell me if it hurts.” “Okay, don’t worry.”

Charmine took out the needles and slowly pricked them around his brows and the corners of his eyes.

Each needle was as long as the palm, and the needles were embedded halfway in.

Charmine asked, “Does it hurt?” “No. Go on.” “Okay,” She took out a few more needles and pricked them in the lower corners of the eyes.

After putting them in, she walked in and did the same to the other side.

When she reached out her hand, two figures appeared by the door.

She looked back to see Faye walking in with Anthony.

Charmine glanced at Faye coldly and said, “I thought you’ve learned your lesson after last night. I thought you’d change!”

With that, she glanced at Anthony and continued to treat Frank.

“What’re you talking about, Charmine?” said Charmine innocently. “I came here to check up on my brother. Is that wrong? And why are you so close to my brother?” 3 She turned to look at Anthony as she spoke. He, on the other hand, merely frowned with a less intense expression.

His eyes seemed somewhat gentle as he gazed at Charmine, much to Faye’s bewilderment.

Anthony saw Charmine so close to Frank. Was he not angry?

Was something wrong?

Faye was still thinking of ways to agitate Anthony, but all of a sudden…

Anthony looked at Charmine and asked gently, “What would you like to have for breakfast?” “Hmm…”

Too absorbed in the treatment, Charmine did not hesitate to say,” Anything. I like anything you make.” “Okay.”

Anthony turned and walked out.

Faye widened her eyes in shock.

What happened? Why was Anthony not angry and not yelling at Charmine?

Also, he offered to make her breakfast so nicely? Why?

Faye bit her lip and went ahead to catch up to him. “You saw it yourself, Brother Anthony! Charmine was so close to Frank! She didn’t care about your feelings!

Are you not angry?”

Grimacing, Anthony glared at her coldly. “Leave!”

With that, he walked to the kitchen.

Stunned, Faye was rooted where she stood.

Why was this different from what she imagined? Why was Anthony not angry at Charmine and was mad at her instead?

She followed him into the kitchen, unwilling to give up. She saw Anthony preparing breakfast with a gentle look.

When he saw her coming in, his expression grew colder. “Problem?”

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