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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1386

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1386-Chris nodded. “Okay!” Once Charmine told him what was on her mind, she asked, “Is that okay?”

Chris’ watery eyes sparkled. “Of course! Leave this to me, Mommy! Don’t worry!” Charmine smiled. “You’re the best.” “Of course.” Chris grinned. “I’ll share Mommy’s troubles.” Casting him a serene gaze, she replied, “Wonderful. Once Mommy’s operation is done, we’ll take you wherever you want to go.” Chris nodded diligently. “Okay!” Charmine merely told him she had to undergo a simple operation and Chris, not knowing what it was, instantly agreed to it, and carefreely at that.

After washing him up, they went downstairs to see the tall and big-built Anthony making breakfast in the kitchen. She walked toward him.

Hearing footsteps behind him, he turned around to look at Charmine lovingly.

“You’re awake?” “Yeah.” Charmine walked over and hugged him from behind.

“What are you making? Do you need help?” “No need.” He looked down at the hands around his waist before turning to plant a gentle peck on her forehead.

“Go out, it’s smoky in here.” “Alright, then.”

Charmine walked out to the living room and signaled Chris with a look, telling him it was time for action.

Chris blinked his big, sparkling eyes.

After breakfast, Anthony asked Luke to watch over Chris while the two of them went to the hospital to continue the research.

When Anthony was still researching in the hospital, he received a call from Luke. “Boss, it’s bad. The young master has gone missing!” “What!?” Anthony’s face sank. “What’s the matter?”

Luke said anxiously, “Young Master wanted me to bring him to the theme park, and I was queuing for the tickets, but I came back with them, he was missing! I tried tracing him and found out that he was heading toward Amerites!”

Gaze turning stoic, he uttered, “I’ll come now!”

He hung up and said to Charmine, “I need to go out now.”

Charmine looked at him. “What’s the matter?” “Chris has gone missing in the theme park. I’ll dispatch more men to look for him.”

Charmine looked anxious. “How did he go missing?” “I’m not sure yet, but I’ll go and find out now.” “Okay, text me when you find him,” said Charmine and watched as Anthony’s figure disappeared from the hospital.

She took out her phone and called Nial. “Get ready for the operation.”

M&G Hotel.

Receiving a text from Britney, Waverly turned around to look at Max with a wide grin. “Brother, we got wonderful news. Charmine is donating her kidney for Faye! She’ll finally suffer!”

Although she failed to ruin Charmine’s face and ruined Frank’s instead, she did not expect it to be so effective.

Waverly picked up the mirror to look at her still ill-looking face, ruthlessly saying, “She did this to my face and even filmed that video of yours. It’s time for her to pay the price!”

Max’s eyes darkened with pleasure.

However, recalling the artificial kidney in William’s lab, he frowned. ” William is a threat. I’ve checked on it, and he’s now with Yoshua’s granddaughter to get the artificial kidney.” 2 “Is that so?” Waverly smiled coldly.

William was a fool. He was hurt by Charmine, yet he still treated her so well? 1 It seemed like he was not yet sober.

She picked up her phone to call Yoshua, eyes gleaming devilishly. “Yoshua, don’t you know? William is trying to convince your granddaughter in hopes of taking her artificial kidney!”

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