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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1388

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1388-William retrieved his hand and turned to see Yoshua stomping toward him furiously with seven to eight burly men in black behind him.

William recalled how Annie told him that her grandfather did not allow her to leave home. Not only did he bring her out of the house, but she even passed away on his shoulder!

Somewhat distressed, William blurted, “Yoshua, you’re here?”

Yoshua yelled at him angrily, ‘Til get to you later!” With that, his gaze aimed straight to Annie, who was on William’s back.” Annie, let’s go home!” he called out.

However, Annie remained still on William’s back.

Yoshua approached them, all while William frowned. Without anything else to say, he somberly declared, “Annie is…gone.” “What!?” Yoshua’s expression stiffened as he walked toward him, disbelief slowly etched onto his face. He then noticed how Annie was no longer breathing and how her body was cold to the touch.

He thought of that stranger’s call and instantly connected the dots.

William brought Annie out for the artificial kidney! He even tried to kill Annie!

Yoshua saw red that instant, and a loud smack was heard.

He slapped William and shot him a murderous glare. ‘William Peterson, are you even a human? You’re taking away her last chance of living!”

Blood oozed out of his lips due to the slap. William looked at Yoshua to explain, “Yoshua, you’ve mistaken…”

Yoshua glared at him. “Mistaken? What have I mistaken? To get the artificial kidney, you killed my granddaughter! How could someone as coldblooded as you exist?!” With that said, he turned back to order the group of men behind him, “Beat him up till his last breath!” “Yoshua? Argh-!”

Before William could explain, the men in black surrounded him and landed blows on him, one after another. He tried to defend himself, but punches were swapped out with metal rods as they beat him fiercely.

Each metal stick hit right into his bone!

William could feel himself getting unconscious. When he thought he was about to die here, the group stopped.

The leading man kicked his back and said, “Dr. Peterson, don’t touch things that aren’t yours!”

With that said, he made a gesture. “Go!”

Lying on the ground, William felt his entire body overridden with pain as though hit by a car. His face, head, and hands were wet with blood…

He nearly lost his consciousness as he laid there before struggling to get back up on his feet, enduring the pain.

With a blurry vision, he staggered forward.

He wanted to look for Yoshua, to tell him that he did not bring Annie out for the artificial kidney.

That he merely pitied her as a doctor…

William disregarded his wounded self as he rushed back.

Yoshua carried Annie back to the laboratory with reddened eyes. He arranged for his people to save her, but all was in vain.

“Annie! My granddaughter…”

Yoshua knelt before the operating desk and groaned in pain.

Curse that William!

He actually killed his granddaughter for the artificial kidney!

He would never forgive him!

Yoshua glowered murderously, but as he took out his phone and was about to call the police to report him, he saw…

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