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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1390

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1390-‘Yoshua, I can’t have this,” declined William. “Don’t misunderstand. I-” “I know,”

Yoshua stopped him as he wiped off his tears, turning to finally look at him.

“Annie didn’t die for you; she’s lost all hope in living for a long time. You showed her the wonders of life when you entered her life, and she died with no regret.”

William halted and made sense of it.

So, those were her thoughts. It made sense why she had asked him if he would miss her after her death.

She knew she would not have much time left…

William felt like his heart was stung by a bee.

He gazed at Annie sympathetically, his lips still stained with his blood.

He thought they would become friends. Alas, it was too late…


William’s chest hurt as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Mind going blank, he lost his balance and fell onto his knees, lurching forward…

Yoshua quickly caught him.

When he saw how severely beaten William was, he recalled how he asked his men to beat him up.

He quickly said, “Go to the hospital, now!”

William, however, thought of how Charmine was about to undergo the operation.

Ignoring his state, he weakly pleaded, “I’m sorry, Yoshua. Could you give me the artificial kidney? My friend urgently needs it.”

Yoshua looked at him.

His eyes were so swollen that they formed a line. His forehead was swollen, and he had wounds all over his body.

He was even spitting out blood…

He not only suffered from skin-surface wounds, but his internal organs were hurt, too!

Yoshua frowned. ‘You must get to the hospital first!”

William merely said, Tm fine. Don’t worry.”

He heard from his mother in the morning that Charmine was undergoing the operation today. He had to get there with the artificial kidney before then!

He must not let Charmine get hurt!

Yoshua merely sighed, thinking of how this was Annie’s final wish and that there was no way to save her. He had no reason to keep this artificial kidney.

He walked to the heavily encrypted vault in the laboratory and took out a coconut-shaped metal box, where one could see, under the arched lid, a device nestled within.

This was the fruit of their many years of labor. It was made with the latest technology. It could be implanted into one’s body to replace the kidneys.

Annie could have been the one using it if everything went as planned, but…

Yoshua clenched his fists, he handed the small device to William, “Have it.”

William accepted it, but with his hands injured, his hands shook. He did not have energy to hold it.

Yoshua saw him and sighed. “Go and check it at the hospital. If you keep wasting time, some internal harm might be caused to the organs!”

Moreover, he caused these injuries. If anything happened, he would not have the heart to tell it to William’s mother.

William wiped off the blood and nodded listlessly. “I’m fine. Once I send the kidney, I’ll come back to watch over Annie.”

Yoshua wanted to reject, but thinking of how much Annie cared about him, he did not reject. “As you wish.”

“Goodbye for now, Yoshua.”

William bit back the pain as he held the artificial kidney tightly with his bloodfilled hands.

His head was heavy as he got into his car, his vision blurry…

When he thought of Charmine, he held on tightly to the steering wheel. He made an effort to keep his eyes open, opening the window in hopes of clearing his mind with the cold breeze.

By holding onto his pain, he drove quickly to the hospital. To make sure Charmine did not know it was him who sent over the artificial kidney, he put on a mask after arriving at the hospital.

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