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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1393

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1393-Charmine fell silent before asking, “How’s Frank doing?”

Nial said, “He had a skin grafting procedure yesterday. He’s now in the ICU.”

“Okay.” Charmine stood up. “I’ll visit him now.” Nial nodded. Thinking of Anthony, he asked suspiciously, “Where’s my brother?”

Charmine was then reminded of that matter. “I distracted him.” Since she did not need to undergo the operation, he could come back.

Nial looked at Charmine with admiration. “Clever you are, Charmine!”

Charmine smiled. “Of course!” o With that, she picked up her phone as she walked toward Frank’s ward, texting Chris, [Baby, Mommy has sorted out the matter. You may come home now.

Remember to tell your Daddy; don’t make him worry.] i Meanwhile, Chris was on a cruise. When he received Charmine’s text, he replied, “Alrighty, Mommy!” 1 After sending the reply, he turned off his phone and rubbed his eyes. He walked over to the waitress and feebly muttered, “Miss, I can’t find my Daddy…” “Huh?”

The waitress was shocked. “What’s your name? What’s your father’s name? Did he come onboard with you?”

Chris blinked his big eyes and replied, “I…I might be on the wrong cruise. I haven’t seen my Daddy, and I didn’t bring a phone…”

The waitress looked at him in shock. “My dear, how did that happen? This cruise won’t stop until it reaches the destination.”

Chris narrowed his eyes, his small, bun-like face grimacing, near tears. “But …I miss Daddy…” he sobbed. “Daddy must’ve missed me, too!” Unable to come up with anything, the waitress could only go to her manager.

The manager was afraid of accidents happening, so she went to her superior to request a stop at F shore.

The waitress then walked over to Chris. “My dear, the cruise will stop at F shore.

I’ll help you to call the police when we get there, okay?” “Alrighty!” Chris’ eyes sparkled as he nodded diligently.

With that, he became the center of everyone’s attention. The staff took turns to look after him, afraid that he might go missing.

When the cruise pulled over at F shore, the waitress was about to call the police when Chris said, “Miss, I remember my Daddy’s phone number. I’ll ask him to pick me up.”

The waitress said, “Okay, I won’t call the police, then. Use my phone to call your father, and ask him to pick you up.” “Okay.”

Chris dialed Anthony’s phone and began pitifully, “Daddy, I’m now at F shore.”

Anthony was tracking Chris and followed his location with a boat. When he received the phone call from Chris, Anthony was shocked.

Thinking someone had kidnapped Chris, he spoke, hostility palpable in his tone, “Did they do anything to you? Are you hurt? Ask them to speak to me!”

Chris said weakly, “Daddy, I’m fine.” “Hm?” Anthony stopped short. “What do you mean?”

Chris glanced at the waitress and said, “I saw an Uncle selling sweets in the theme park and I wanted to buy it, but he left. I followed him onto a cruise. I told a lady on the cruise, and she’s now dropping me off at F shore.”

Anthony was speechless.

He was about to track Chris down using his hired soldiers, but all this problem started with Chris trying to buy sweets?

When Luke heard that by the side and saw how fierce Anthony’s expression had turned into, his heart sank.

He took a breath and tried to convince him, “Boss, the young master is only five.

He’s young. Do forgive him!”

Anthony held on his phone so tightly that his veins were showing. He seemed to be holding back his anger as he glared at the ocean, gradually calming himself down. 1 “Wait for me there!”

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