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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1395

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1395-“I see…”

Frank thought more into the matter and said, “If you have time, help me find out who it was, Charmine. She saved Faye and was also the reason why I don’t owe you a kidney and hurt you. I must thank the individual.” 1 “Hmm… Okay.”

Charmine agreed to it and looked at him. “Faye’s matter is now sorted. You shouldn’t put your operation on hold anymore. It’s time to get it done.”

Frank nodded. “Okay. I’ll have a look at Faye before the operation.”

Charmine could only help him get to Faye’s ward.

Frank sat by the bedside, and though unable to see how she looked, he could feel Faye’s breaths were better than before. It was no longer weak like yesterday.

Finally reassured, he looked at Charmine’s direction and said, “Charmine, I’m sorry to have troubled you in the past few days. I’m ready for the operation.”

Charmine let out a sigh of relief and nodded. “Okay. I’ll ask Anthony to call for the doctor.”

Frank nodded. ‘Thank you.” “You’re always welcome.”

Charmine phoned Anthony and, thinking of something, began, “Anthony, have you found Momo?” “Yes.” Anthony had just arrived at the hospital. “I’m with him now, don’t worry.” “Okay,” said Charmine. “Frank has agreed to undergo the operation. Let Jennie know and ask her to come.”

Anthony was caught off short. “He said yes to it?” “Yeah,” Charmine replied, “Faye already had her operation.”

A theory hit Anthony, and his face turned tense. “Charmine, did you…”

There was no compatible kidney, even when he left that morning. How did she end up finishing the operation?

The only compatible kidney was Charmine’s…

Charmine instantly explained, “Don’t take it the wrong way. Someone sent an artificial kidney to us. Also, how could I call you now had I went under the knife?”

Anthony was then reassured. “As long as it wasn’t you,” he gently said. “I’ll arrange for the operation now.” “Okay.”

Charmine hung up and said to Frank, “Frank, Anthony will call for the doctor now. The operation will happen later, so get ready.” “Okay.” Frank looked in her direction and said sincerely, “Charmine, sorry to have troubled you with Faye and my matters. If I make it out of the operating room, I’ll thank you greatly…”

Charmine smiled. “Don’t be so polite with me.”

Frank nodded, his clear eyes graced with gratefulness.

Charmine reassured him again before leaving the ward.

When she arrived at the office, the lift door by the side opened up. Anthony walked out with Chris in his arms.

“Mommy…” he whimpered softly as if what happened to him was real, gazing at Charmine. “I was so scared.”

He came out of Anthony’s arms and jumped into Charmine’s. He winked at her and added pitiably, “I almost got lost.”

Entertained by his acting, Charmine tried not to smile. “What happened?” “I was following an Uncle who sold sweets and ended up on a cruise.”

Charmine’s expression turned stern. “No matter where you go in the future, you must let us know, okay? Don’t wander off on your own.” 1 “Okay!”

When the two of them finished catching up, Anthony asked Charmine,” Who sent in the artificial kidney?”

Charmine carried Chris into the resting lounge, saying, “I don’t know either.

I’m still finding out.”

Anthony narrowed his eyes.

Who could be so secretive?

Charmine asked, “Have you told Jennie?” “Yes. She’s on her way.”

Charmine nodded. She was thinking of how once Frank’s operation was over, she would finally marry Anthony… 1 Her clear eyes looked dreamy as she looked at Anthony. “We’ll go as planned.

Once Frank finishes his operation and is discharged from the hospital, we’ll have our wedding and go public.”

Anthony looked over and nodded. “Okay.”

When he looked away, his eyes had a hint of complex emotions…

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