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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1400

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1400-Anthony felt a pang in his chest when he heard Charmine’s words.

The entire Burlington would ridicule Charmine if the experiment resulted in him being ruined!

How could he wrong her like that?

Anthony’s eyes darkened as he reassured her, “Charmine, don’t get the wrong idea. Marrying you means so much to me. Why would I pull out?” “But your expression tells otherwise,” refuted Charmine.

Anthony retained his gentle expression and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “How should I prove it, then?”

Charmine was speechless.

All this while, she knew Anthony treated her well and never suspected him, but in the past two days, she felt that Anthony acted strangely.

Even though everything seemed calm, things were unrealistically hushed…

Chris saw the change of atmosphere and quickly chimed in, “You’re probably experiencing a wedding scare, causing you to overthink it, but don’t worry! If Daddy bullies you, I’ll come to your rescue!”

Charmine instantly smiled as she ruffled his tiny head.

“Okay. With Momo around, I’m not afraid of anything!” “Haha!” Chris cuddled in Charmine’s arms.

The atmosphere in the car brightened with their endearment.

Charmine looked at Anthony again, and that sheer worry had not left his face.

She held onto his big hand and convinced him, “Don’t worry, Anthony, you don’t have to worry about going public. You don’t even have to worry about your family making it hard for me. I’m not weak, and not anyone can hurt me! Just rest assured in the next few days and focus on our marriage!”

Her tone was determined and sounded like an order.

Anthony could not help caressing her face. “Okay.” Seeing how the strained expression slowly left him, Charmine frowned. Was he that worried about it?

He was Anthony Bailey-the Boss Bailey! Since when had he become so weakminded?

“What a fool,” she blurted a tease.

Anthony held onto her small hand tightly, leaning toward her as he hoarsely uttered right at her ear, “A fool only for you.” 1 As long as she was happy, so what if he was a fool?

Charmine could feel his warm breath fanning her ear, and he sounded all- too seductive.

Her heart skipped a beat as she looked abashed.


Cain saw this scene from the rear mirror and had goosebumps all over.

What a love show!

Since when did the usually tough and decisive Anthony become so gentle?

After Anthony caressed Charmine, he nonchalantly picked up his phone. With his back facing her, he still texted the order to Luke, [Remove all news of Charmine and me in wedding gowns online. None of the photos taken by the public today can be published.] Luke instantly replied, [Yes, Boss!] Anthony sent another message, [Bring the things I prepared in the past few days to the beach.] [Luke: Roger that!] When they arrived at the beach, the staff had already cleared out the place and decorated the venue.

Cain held onto his camera and said, “Boss Bailey, please stand here with your wife.”

Anthony had his arm around Charmine’s waist as they stood on the edge of the cliff.

The sea was azure blue and seemingly endless. Clad in a suit, Anthony was statuesque, and Charmine, in her long gown, was elegant and sexy.

Cain was gleeful. The two subjects were so perfect that no matter how they posed, the photos would turn out perfect.

After taking some shots for them, he asked Chris to come over.

Anthony hoisted Chris up in his arms, and the three made an endearing scene.

After half an hour of shooting, Cain said, “Charmine, get some rest, and touch up your makeup.” “Okay.”

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