When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 472

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 472

Ben took a seat and listened closely to Elliot’s woes.

“It’s true that you were forced into being with Zoe, but that wasn’t because of Avery. It was for Shea’s sake,” Ben said bluntly. “Avery still has no idea about your relationship with Shea, so it’s understandable for her to be upset.”

Elliot’s deep set eyes were moved as he asked, “What do you think my relationship with Shea is?”

Ben chuckled lightly, then said, “Are you really asking me to25 guess?”

“I know you’d figure it out,” Elliot said confidently. “You know me well.”

“Are you upset that Avery doesn’t trust yougc enough?”

Ben had a feeling that, if he was right, Elliot’s relationship with Avery was about to worsen.

“Wouldn’t that explain the problem?” Elliot23 retorted.

Ben stroked his chin and said, “Not everybody is as calm and reasonable as you are. Besides, love is a completely different matter. You were jealous of Mike last year. You weren’t as calm as you are right now.”

The light in Elliot’s eyes dimmed, and his voice was feeble as he said, “This entire mess is my2a fault.”

“Of course not!” Ben said as he noticed Elliot’s dejected mood. “Shea’s your sister, right? I bet Avery never even thought of that. You’ve never specifically told her about it, so she could never confirm it herself. The more someone cares about something, the easier it is to think negatively about it.”

A pained expression flashed across Elliot’s35 face.

“Everyone has their secrets, Elliot. You’re not wrong, and neither is Avery. You’re just not meant for each other,” Ben consoled. “It might sound harsh, but I don’t think she’s worth the pain you’re going through. You’ve given up way too much for this. It’d be even harder to walk away if you don’t retreat in time.”

Elliot raised his brows, then said, “You want me to walk away while she’s pregnant with my child?”

Ben coughed, then said, “That’s not it. I just don’t think you should be putting in so much energy on her anymore. She’s a doctor and she knows how to take care of herself. Once the baby’s born, you should take the child and finally end things with her.”

Elliot fell into deep thought after hearing Ben’s suggestion.

Perhaps he was right.

It would only hurt him and Avery if they continued to get entangled with each other.

If Avery successfully gave birth to his child, he would grant her freedom in return.

There was a symposium going on at a five-star hotel in the city.

At 10.30 a.m. that morning, Avery stealthily entered the venue under the company of her bodyguard.

Wanda Tate was sitting up on stage with a few other entrepreneurs as they shared their startup experiences and secrets to success.

Avery took off her shades and stared coldly at Wanda.

The night before, Mike had found out the person bought off the business account that revealed the children’s photos online.

She was not surprised to find out that it was Wanda’s assistant.

Wanda’s assistant’s deeds were Wanda’s own.

Why would her assistant do something like that without her boss’s orders?

After all, it was not cheap to buy off the business account and make the news viral!

Halfway through the symposium, the host opened up the floor to the audience for questions.

When Avery raised her hand, the host pointed her out.

Avery stood from her seat, then asked, “Can I ask my question on stage?”

The host froze for a moment, then nodded and said, “Of course!”

Avery could feel the eyes of everyone in the hall on her, including Wanda’s.

Since Wanda did not expect Avery to be there, there was a hint of shock on her face.

The bodyguard took a deep breath. He did not expect Avery to be this brave!

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