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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2500 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2500

“I…I’m not afraid.” Siena closed the door and turned around. Her mood was calmer than before, but she was still a little embarrassed, “Young Master, it’s really not Madam who asked me to do this. Even if Madam wants to deal with you, you won’t look for me. Because in Madam’s eyes, I have no other use besides being ugly.”

“No matter how you explain, you can’t hide the money you spent.” Lucas was still upset, but not so angry anymore.

Siena spent the money, but Lucas ate the dinner and the medicine.

“I haven’t finished spending it. There are more than 600 dollars left.” Siena took out the rest of the money from her bag, “I’ll throw it away now.”

“What’s the point of throwing it away now?” Lucas’s face was cold. Glancing at her, he said, “Don’t cry in the future.”

Siena was stunned for a moment, thinking that she had realized his conscience and knew how fierce he was just now.

Just when Siena was a little moved and was about to forgive him, Lucas voice came again: “The way your crying face is really ugly.”

Siena: “…Young Master, you just said I was ugly, Now say it again. How can you do this?”

Lucas: “Don’t you think you look good when you cry?”

Siena: “It’s very rude to attack other people’s appearance!”

Lucas didn’t expect her to be aggressive Quite powerful: “Can you make your voice louder?”

Siena froze suddenly.

The Master and the lady were back, and it would be bad to attract them.

Main building.

The daughter of the Hogan family, Paulina Hogan, came back from other places tonight, and the two elders of the Hogan family were very happy.

Mrs. Hogan had a son and a daughter. Her son, Esteban Hogan, had graduated from university and was working in the Hogan Group.

The daughter was Paulina Hogan. She’s 20 years old this year, and she was going to university in other places. Apart from coming back from winter and summer vacations, she preferred to play outside during her vacations.

So every time her daughter came back, Mrs. Hogan was very happy.

“Mom, didn’t you say that I have another younger brother? What about others?” Paulina asked her mother after entering the living room.

Mrs. Hogan said angrily: “He lives in the auxiliary building! Fortunately, he was arranged to live in the auxiliary building! If he lived in the same building as us, he might have knocked off the tiles on the roof! He’s very barbaric and rude! This wild thing that has no one to discipline it.”

“Since he has returned to the Hogan family, shouldn’t the family rules of our Hogan family still control him?” Paulina’s voice was particularly sharp, with a particularly strong penetrating power, “Mom, Dad is busy with work. You usually discipline him more! Don’t let him embarrass our Hogan family in the future!”

“Hehe, discipline? I haven’t disciplined him yet, but he has already dared to do something to me! If I discipline him, maybe he will go crazy and destroy this family!” Mrs. Hogan said this to her husband.

“I’ve already taught him a lesson and locked him up. He’s just come to this house, so he’s definitely not used to it. Let’s give him more time to adapt!” Master Hogan said solemnly.

“Husband, if he dares to attack me in the future, I will never let you spare him so lightly!” Mrs. Hogan roared loudly.

“Understood. My daughter finally came back from the holiday. She must be hungry. Let’s go eat first!” Master Hogan said, and walked towards the dining room first.

Auxiliary building.

Siena glanced at Lucas.

“Young Master, did you hear what your stepmother said just now? Don’t be so impulsive next time. Otherwise, it will be difficult for your father to protect you.” Siena reminded kindly.

“Do you think my dad locked me here to protect me?” Lucas sneered with his lips curled up.

“Mrs. Hogan has a bad temper. None of our servants dare to provoke her. No one has ever bullied her like you. If it wasn’t for your father’s sake, she would have let the bodyguard beat you to death last night.” Siena explained, “I heard that her natal family is quite rich.”

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