When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2502 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2502

This scar was made of silicone. The color has painted on the scar. No one ever found out that the scars on her face were fake. Because no one had looked at her face carefully except her mother-in-law.

Everyone’s first reaction when seeing her was often frightened, and then they quickly looked away. After that, no one would look at her straight again.

In Madam Hogan’s words, the scar on her face looked disgusting. Anyone who saw her would be disgusted.

Nobody stared at something disgusting over and over again.

Although she suffered a lot of grievances because of the scar on her face, she was grateful for the scar in her heart.

Her mother-in-law said that there were bad people looking for her and might hurt her.

She had played ugly since she was a child, and until now, except for being called ugly, she had never encountered any bad people or substantial harm.

Even bad guys would probably be frightened when they saw her appearance.

After tearing off the scar, she looked at her real face in the mirror with mixed emotions in her heart.

Because of the scars on her left face all year round, she had never been exposed to the sun.

This caused the left side of her face to be paler than the rest of her body.

But this does not affect the stunning visual impact brought by her exquisite facial features.

She’s a beautiful girl, one of those who stand in the crowd and could be recognized at a glance.

She was not used to seeing her real self in the mirror.

Before her mother-in-law was there, she never allowed her to tear off the scars for a long time.

The mother-in-law was afraid that she would be seen by outsiders if she revealed her true appearance, and that she would be killed.

The days of hiding were really uncomfortable.

In addition, the mother-in-law was getting old, and there was no way to lead her to live a life of wandering like before.

She had understood her mother-in-law’s thoughts, so she always listened to her mother-in-law.

Although her mother-in-law was gone now, she still instinctively thought of her mother-in-law’s advice.

She lowered her head, picked up the scar prop and disinfected it skillfully, but suddenly thought of another thing in her mind.

When she left from the auxiliary building, she told Lucas that she would bring him dinner tomorrow, but Lucas didn’t seem to refuse.

Lucas promised her to use the remaining $600, right?

Otherwise, she would have no money to buy him food.

The next day, the rain stopped, but it started snowing.

The winter in Thopiavelle was relatively long, so the winter vacation in Thopiavelle was longer than the summer vacation.

When her mother-in-law passed away, the school was taking the final exam. The teacher knew about her family’s situation, so she didn’t force her to go to the school for the exam. Just ask her to take the time to do the test paper after finishing her homework.

After that, the winter vacation began. Although she couldn’t go to school to take the test, she still did the test paper sent by the teacher.

In general exams, the teacher could turn a blind eye and close one eye, but after a few months of the big exam, the teacher would not be able to help her.

She must study hard and work hard to get into college, so as to change her bad fate.

At 5 o’clock in the morning, Siena got up, got dressed, and started reading and doing homework.

Because Lucas was locked at home now, she didn’t have to hurry to make him breakfast, so she could study hard at home.

At 8 o’clock, her stomach began to protest.

She put down her pen and went to the kitchen to cook noodles.

For the sake of convenience, she usually cooked noodles to eat. First, it was more convenient, and second, it was cheaper.

After eating the noodles, she walked to the window and glanced at the scenery outside.

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