When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3087 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3087 by Desirenovel-Hogan’s kitchen was the same as it was three years ago.

The maids in the back kitchen were also the same as three years ago.

Hazel was very kind when she saw them, but they didn’t recognize Hazel.

Seeing Hazel bring fruit for them to eat, they were very grateful, so they were very polite to Hazel.

The maid: “Miss, what’s your name? Our Madam may not be up yet.”

“Madam hasn’t woken up yet? She used to get up quite early!” Hazel answered the conversation naturally.

“Yeah! She never slept late before, but since so many bad things happened at home, she has suffered from insomnia. She can’t sleep every night, and she can only sleep for a while during the day.” The maid explained.

“Did a lot of bad things happen to the Hogan family?” Hazel’s mood suddenly became tense.

The maid doubted: “Didn’t your mother tell you? I thought everyone in the community knew about it!”

Hazel explained with a smile: “I usually go to school outside and only come home occasionally. My mother didn’t tell me!”

“Oh…our young master found a lover outside last year. The lover gave birth to a child for him, and then came to the door holding the child and forced him to divorce. His wife was very angry. In a fit of Anger Just divorced the young master. You know, his wife’s family is quite rich, and they also have business cooperation with the Hogan family. Damaged.”

Hazel nodded: “Did the young master marry his lover?”

“No. Ma’am is about to die of anger. How could she let that young man in? The master directly kicked the young master out of the company and let the second young master take over.”

“This is where the problem is. The second young master usually seems to be a decent person, but after joining the company, he made several mistakes in decision-making, which caused the company to lose a lot. No, now the master has invited the oldest young master back.”

Hazel: “What about the second young master?”

“The second young master works with the oldest young master in the company.”

Hazel: “Oh, that’s okay. It’s just that there are some financial losses. It will be good to earn back when the time comes.”

“That’s not a small economic loss. The Hogan family’s vitality is seriously damaged! Otherwise, Madam won’t have insomnia all night.” The maid said this, and then thought of something, “And Madam’s only daughter, Miss Paulina, is also a bad one. She found a boyfriend and insisted on marrying him. Others made it clear that they only wanted to play with her, but she didn’t believe in evil, tried to conceive someone else’s child, threatened others to marry her, and in the end, they dumped her! Madam took her to the hospital to have an abortion. It’s such a shame!”

Hazel didn’t expect that the Hogan family had been so unlucky these past few years.

It seemed that there was no happy event.

“Is there another young master in the Hogan family?” Hazel took a deep breath and asked this question.

The maid: “You mean the illegal child?”

“Yes. Didn’t he go abroad to study before? Should he graduate now?” Hazel asked cautiously, “Does he live in this house now?”

The maid shook her head in unison: “After he went abroad to study, he never came back.”

Hazel gasped.

Lucas’s temper was really tough.

“Master and Madam always mention him when they quarrel. We can hear him clearly in the back kitchen!” The maid said, “He is the best among the children of the Hogan family. It seems to be He started his own company, and it’s doing pretty well. He even took his mother with him!”

Hazel: “Didn’t his mother find a boyfriend?”

“Maybe they split up! I heard that his mother was seriously ill, so he returned and started a company to take care of his mother.”

Hazel worriedly asked: “What’s the name of his company?”

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