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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 738 by Desirenovel

Chapter 738

There were new developments on the headstone case.

The police found the middle aged man that the shop owner said ordered the headstone, and they arrested him at three that morning.

The police sent Elliot a text after they made the arrest.

After Elliot read the message, he called the station. At the same time, he took the covers off of him and got out of bed.

His call was quickly answered.

“Mr. Foster, we’ve arrested the suspect and he confessed to his crimes during the interrogation. He said that his motive was money, ” said the police officer.

“How did he know my son’s name? I’m afraid a regular person would not have the capability of finding that out,” Elliot said, bringing up his suspicions.

His suspicion made the officer fall silent for a moment.

“We’ll have to continue interrogating the suspect to find that out, Mr. Foster.”

“Hand him over to me. I can make him tell the truth.”

Once the call ended, Elliot checked his messages. There were no texts from the doctor nor Avery.

Robert should be fine for now.

He let out a sigh of relief, then put his phone down and entered the bathroom.

Once he finished washing up and went downstairs, Mrs. Scarlet immediately served up a sumptuous breakfast.

“Where’s Shea? ” Elliot could not help but have a heavy heart as he recalled his conversation with Shea the night before.

He did not expect her to have feelings for Wesley to the point of wanting to start a family with him.

If he had known this would happen, he never would have hired Wesley to take care of Shea.

“She went to see Wesley. She said she needed to talk things out with him,” Mrs. Scarlet said as she chuckled bitterly. “I never thought I’d see the day where our Shea would fuss over a relationship. It’s actually a good thing. It means that she’s becoming more like a regular person.”

Elliot responded and said, ” I won’t be able to come home every day. Please comfort her.”

“She should be able to get over it. No matter how well Wesley treats her, you’re still number one in her heart,” Mrs. Scarlet said as she poured him a glass of milk. “Bring some soup over to Avery when you go to the hospital later.”

“I won’t be going to the hospital until this afternoon. ” Elliot took a sip of milk, then said, ” Mrs. Cooper makes her soup every day.”

” I’ll make some pastries, then. You can bring it to her in the afternoon.” Mrs. Scarlet then sighed ;a+ “..

>n said, “If your mother were still around, she would love her. Mrs. Cooper said that her clothes were covered in blood two days ago. A new mother should get proper rest after she gives birth.”

Elliot ‘s entire body stiffened when he heard those words.

He wanted Avery to stay home and rest, but she refused to listen to him.

She would only be able to relax once Robert made it out of this storm.

Over at the hospital, the experts were having a discussion about Robert’s condition.

Avery was listening to them in a corner.

“The blood clearly isn’t enough. None of his vitals have improved. We’re just temporarily relieving his symptoms right  now. Things will start to deteriorate again before tomorrow. We can’t continue like this.” The attending doctor  offered his suggestion and said, “Robert won’t have to suffer over and over again if we had a large amount of blood.”

“His blood type is far too rare. Aryadelle aside, we might not even be able to gather enough blood if we search the entire world.”

“That’s right. The biggest issue here is that not  many people would be willing to get their blood drawn. Despite Mrs. Foster’s wealth and connections, as well as his formidable status in Aryadelle, it’s still difficult to find enough blood.”

When their discussion came to an end, the group turned to look at Avery.

Her eyes were filled with undisguised misery and disappointment as she said, “Let’s drag this out for as long as we can. It’s still better than watching him die right now.”

When Avery walked out of the meeting room, she bumped into a wall of muscle.

She was taken aback for a moment.

It was not until she smelled the familiar scent that she let go of her defenses.

Elliot ‘s long arms wrapped around her in a strong embrace.

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