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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 740 by Desirenovel

Chapter 740

Elliot had no way of confirming that the maroon box he lost was in Charlie’s hands.

He also could not make sure that Wanda would follow his orders obediently.

The reason he was telling her about this was so that he could use her to find out the whereabouts of the box.

The theft of the box might have happened a long time ago, but it would still occasionally come up to torment him.

That box was like a ticking time bomb, and he did not know when it would go off.

He had thought about it for a long time but was still clueless.

Who was the one who went into his study and took that box?

If someone wanted to bring him down, they could reveal the information in the box at any time and ruin him!

However, the person who took the box had never contacted him nor revealed the box’s contents to the public.

If that person did not want to harm him, then why did they take the box in the first place?

It was such a pickle that he wondered if nobody had actually stolen the box, but there was a glitch in the space-time continuum instead!

However, everything that happened in reality continuously reminded him that there was no such thing.

If there truly was a glitch in the space-time continuum, then why did everything that happened made him feel the true malice of the world?

Shea arrived at Wesley’s place that morning.

At noon, he personally cooked her a lavish lunch.

“Are you not feeling well, Shea? You’re unusually quiet today.”

Wesley place the food in front of Shea, then tenderly examined her.

Her complexion was paler than before after the blood donation.

However, it had recovered quite a lot compared to yesterday.

“I  can’t marry you, Wesley.” Shea picked up her fork and lowered her gaze. “My brother  said  that the person you like is Avery. You might like me, but you like her more.”

Her words made the calmness on his face vanish. “You told your brother about this?”

” I accidentally told him.” Shea sighed, then said, ” It’s the same no matter when I tell him. If he won’t let me marry you, then it must be for my own good.

“That’s right. It’s indeed for your own good. I’ve told you before that being by his side is the safest thing for you.” Then, Wesley continued casually, “A s for Avery, I’ve always admired her. She’s a good person ;b&”:.<v an amazing doctor. I look up to her very much.”

Shea lifted her head and gazed carefully at him.

“I’d be happy for an entire day if she looked over at me a few times. I turn into an idiot in front of her.” At this point, Wesley mocked himself and said, “I might like her, but I know that  she doesn’t belong to me because I can’t give her happiness. Which is why I let go of that wishful thinking. “

“Don’t say that, Wesley. You’re also a good person.

” Shea felt a little sad.

” I told you before that I won’t get married or have kids in this life, Shea. That’s why we can be good friends for the rest of our lives.”

“Are you not getting married and having kids for the sake of being friends with me?” Shea said dejectedly. “I don’t want that… Other people have kids, but you don’t…”

“The meaning of life is not necessarily to reproduce. ” Wesley placed a smoked rib on her plate, then said, ” If I cared about marriage at all, then I would probably have more kids than Avery does by now.”

“Alright! I’ll still wish you happiness if you ever decide to get married one day,” Shea said seriously. “I’ve dragged my brother down, but I don’t want to drag you down.”

“You’re not dragging anybody down,” Wesley said sternly. “In the time that you’ve depended on your brother to live, you were also his spiritual support. “

Shea did not quite understand, but smiled sweetly anyway.

When Elliot arrived at the hospital that evening, the doctor rushed to him before he could find Avery.

“Mr. Foster, the experts have come to a unanimous

decision after monitoring Robert ‘s reaction to the blood transfusion in the last couple of days,” the doctor said with a heavy expression on his face. “A blood change would have an effect on Robert’s condition. The reason why the last two transfusions aren’t showing obvious results is because there isn’t enough blood. If you want your son to recover, then he will need a complete blood change…”

Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled in his throat. Then, he asked in a hoarse voice, “How much blood would a complete blood change take?”

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